Android Slices with quick toggle for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi appear on Google Pixel after update

Android Slices surfaces granular controls for apps and settings directly in Google Search

Google reported Slices, a system that enables designers to surface a piece of their applications in spots like Google Search at I/O 2018. The component did not end up accessible promptly and now it has begun showing up for some Pixel clients. A server-side refresh is empowering Slices for Pixel clients on Android 9 Pie, and it enables clients to empower certain settings or highlights by composing their name in the Google Search bar straightforwardly. For example, in the event that you go to Google Search bar and type Bluetooth, you will see among your hunt history, a rigging symbol directly by “Bluetooth” enabling you to flip it ON or OFF without heading off to the individual setting alternative.

Notwithstanding Bluetooth, the cuts include is additionally accessible for settings, for example, Wi-Fi yet just when you type it as Wi-Fi. The settings symbol can be viewed as a live switch nearby the setting choice that enables clients to rapidly empower or cripple Wi-Fi on your telephone. When you search up for Wi-Fi, the cuts choice additionally demonstrates the name of the system that your handset is associated with. Before this refresh, the setting symbol would show up without the flip switch and Google said the element will take a shot at Android telephones running form 4.4 KitKat yet appears to have gone live just on Android 9 Pie for the time being.

 The Slices highlight is likewise empowered for versatile brilliance yet the speedy switch isn’t accessible for a setting like NFC, which isn’t broadly utilized on cell phones. Google presented Slices as an element that will improve life for Android clients when they wish to rapidly empower or debilitate a specific setting on their cell phone. The component will basically take out the requirement for clients to experience various settings pages before they get to the switch for fundamental setting capacity.

Apart from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggle, Google is also promoting Slices
for Brightness Level on smartphones but it is yet to appear on our Pixel 3 XL.
Slices will not be limited to stock apps and will extend to third party
apps as well. For example, if you type Uber in the Google Search bar,
Slices will surface live options allowing you to schedule a ride without
having to open the app. It needs to be seen when third-party apps adopt
the feature but in the meantime it does seem to be a great option for
those moments when you get tired to moving through pages to enable a
simple function.

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