No apps, no Internet: So why does this phone cost US$350?

Faster,  bigger and brighter phones are progressively maneuvering us into the universe of the computerized. And keeping in mind that it might appear to be alluring now and again, it tends to be a strain.

It’s practically incomprehensible these days to not have a cell phone, it’s normal in most work places and there are numerous accommodations offered for cell phone holders. Some of the time you need a break from every one of those notices, yet can’t get out.

One cell phone organization is putting forth what it says is the best of the two universes. The Punkt MP02 is a moderate cell phone that harkens back to the great old Nokia days while likewise offering alternatives for increasingly advanced access when essential.

The MP02 (like its progressively moderate sister phone MP01) is little and light, and looks extremely basic in a plain dark. It’s anything but difficult to utilize, has basic, huge catches that enable you to make calls and compose messages – yet don’t confuse with one of those availability situated phones for the old.

This US$350 (RM1,429), Swiss-structured phone is worked for careful cell phone clients willing to pay additional for a custom fitted advanced detox.

The thought behind this shortsighted phone is truly direct: have the capacity to interface with individuals when you have to, without being totally occupied by different applications when you open your phone, along these lines enabling you to make an amazing most outside of the Internet.

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor and 16GB of capacity – however it can’t really be utilized to get to the Internet.

However, what it can do is associate with the Internet or to WiFi, and afterward to a PC or tablet, where you can utilize the phone as a hotspot to “plunge into” the Internet, as the organization says.

The phone doesn’t shell you with data constantly. Rather, it tells you when you have to know something – like when you have a message, or when your battery is low (which won’t be regularly, allowed the 12 days of reserve time).

Whatever remains of the time, every one of the diversions of the computerized world stay covered up away. Generally, this is the phone that offers you a reprieve from your advanced addictions. In any case, US$350 to break that enslavement could be a precarious cost for some to pay.

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